7 Characteristics an Entrepreneur Must Have In Order to Survive

7 Characteristics an Entrepreneur Must Have In Order to Survive

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting ventures anyone can decide to pursue. There are many benefits to trying
to help people, or better yet change the world. However, there is more to being an entrepreneur than just the title. There are certain characteristics and qualities they possess that allow them to have the drive and determination that some people do not have.

If you happen to not have a few of these characteristics, the good thing is that all of them can be practiced until they become instilled in you. These characteristics matter because in order to step out and become a person who is in charge takes a special person with the right mind set. The right person will already have or be working towards possessing these characteristics listed below.

The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur That Matter

1. Love for Innovation  Do you love creating or introducing something new to people. For instance. When PC’s were first invented, who would’ve known some years later we would have laptops? Someone was innovative enough to say, “hey look, people are going to want to take their PC’s with them to meeting or school at times. Since they can’t take the entire PC why don’t we invent something portable. Entrepreneurs are FULL of ideas and are curious of what would happen if they bring those ideas to a reality. Through innovation they can live out their ideas.

2. Challenges are an Entrepreneurs Best Friend – What’s an entrepreneur without a challenge? Challenges are what keep them out of their comfort zone and helps them take risk that the average person will not. Fear does not exist in their vocabulary, therefore they are not fearful to risk that could result in failure. Take on new challenges and do not be afraid of the ones that come your way.

3. Confidence Solid as Iron – This is a vital characteristic to have not only as an entrepreneur but for your personal brand. You must believe in yourself even when nobody else does. As an entrepreneur you will meet and greet all types of people. Some will be for you and some will be against you. When you are confident, those people who are against you does not even matter. The point is that when you are approached by one of these people, do not let them tear down your self-confidence. Entrepreneurs believe they can achieve anything despite the naysayers or the odds against them.

4. Patience Is The Key – In this day and time we are definitely living in an “microwave society”. We want things “NOW” and “FAST”. Entrepreneurs understand that patience is the key to success. If you have patience when it comes to business, you have one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. The journey to reaching your goals will not be an easy task. It will take some waiting on some occasions. You have to be able to handle that type of pressure in order to get task accomplished.

5. Emotional Control – To be anything great you will have to be very disciplined with handling your emotions. There will be times when doors are shut in your face and the rug snatched from under you. People will look down on you and many will doubt you and you ability to become a person of GREATNESS. If you are not strong with handling your emotions you could easily fall prey to stumbling blocks. Overall, to defeat the put downs and stubborn mountains it is crucial that you understand and know how to put your emotions in check.

6. Adapt to Change – Technology, or in better words –  the world is changing constantly. What works today may not work tomorrow. How you handle change in your environment and business will reflect the type of entrepreneur you are. In the midst of change, there is no time for frustration or doubt. Instead, entrepreneurs know and believe in their heart what they do next will work. They are able to alter their business ideas to line up with the changes.

7. Are You Perfectilicious – This was my attempt to create a new word, “Per-fecti-litious”. What I’m asking is, are you a perfectionist? As an entrepreneur, you should not become complacent with your business. You should always be looking for room to make improvements  and/or adjustments. One of the most important assets you have is your goals and your vision. Settling for anything less than what you are working towards is going backwards and that’s not the direction you want to go. Set high standards and don’t be quick to give up on your beliefs and ideas.

Become the Entrepreneur You Were Born to Be

We are all equal as people but entrepreneurs are a special type of person. If you are wanting to adapt some of these traits, practice them in your everyday life and then you too will have these 7 characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you operate your business and build business relationships that last for the long-term.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are there any characteristics I missed? If so, list them in the comments area!

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