Close More Sales by Using The Outcome-Based Thinking Method

Close More Sales by using The Outcome-Based Thinking

Asking for the sale is not the easiest thing to do. You want a successful close, but when it’s time to ask for the sale it’s like you some
how get stuck. Do you wish you could get the majority of your prospects to agree to buy your service, product or join you in business?

I’m sure you answered YES! Listen you are not alone. Before I became in to knowledge of this method, I was already using it. Now that I understand what it is and how to use it precisely, my closes are more powerful and effective.

I know you are probably thinking, can I really close more sales by purposefully using the Outcome-Based Thinking method (The OBT Method)? The answer is, yes you can. One of the biggest challenges to ending a meeting with a prospect or future customer is having solid call to action. We all want to walk away from a meeting feeling like everybody won and in this post you will learn exactly how to make it happen.

Outcome-Based Thinking is Method You Already Use?

Surprisingly, we all have used this method and many of us did without knowing it. For instance, let’s say you was driving out of town for a few days. Before you depart from your home, what did you most likely do?

You had your oil changed, made sure your spare tire was in good condition, made sure you had survival appliances (flash light, tools, blanket, etc), made sure you had some snacks to eat, and etc. What you did was prepared ahead of time just in case anything went wrong with your vehicle while on the road. The great thing about outcome-based thinking is, you can apply it to almost anything – even your business. Once you master this technique you will be able to:

  • make a decision about what you want and how to get it
  • control you own world
  • influence your prospects to your way of thinking

Remember, this technique is used by wealthy entrepreneurs, CEO’s, top managers and top sales people. If you are going to take this technique seriously, it is important that you know where you are going and what you want.

The main goal is to get our prospects to agree with us and make a purchase. We want them to understand our thinking and feel comfortable with us making the decision for them. People only want to adopt a person’s belief who know what they are talking about. Illustrate your leadership and confidence while using the outcome-based thinking method to close the sale in your next meeting.

This method consist of 6 questions you’ll want to get comfortable with answering before you go to a meeting or before you negotiate. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to implement this without even thinking about it.

  1. What exactly do I want out of the meet up.
  2. What does the other person want? If I don’t know exactly, what is he likely to want?
  3. What is the very least I will accept out of the meeting?
  4. What problems could arise?
  5. How will I deal with each problem? If possible how can I turn it into a benefit for the other person?
  6. How will I bring the session to a close?

Now for the live examples.

How to Use Outcome-Based Thinking Technique to Close Sales

Now, lets look at how you can go about using these 6 questions to close more sales.

We are going to use a treadmill as our example. Let’s say you are meeting with a gym owner to present to them the new FTX Fitness Treadmill (not real by the way). Your goal is to get them to give you a definite “YES”! This is how you would use the outcome-based thinking technique to prepare yourself for the outcome that you want.

  1. What exactly do I want out of the meet up? As the company representative, I want to make the sale without having to convince the gym owner too much. I want him to see the value instantly.
  2. What does the other person want? If I don’t know exactly, what is he (Gym Owner) likely to want? He wants a safe and reliable treadmill for his members. He also want an advanced but user friendly treadmill that shows people the amount of calories burned etc. Price plays a factor too. So, he wants a machine that can do all of the the things listed above without breaking his bank account.
  3. What is the very least I will accept out of the meeting? We can afford to adjust the price if necessary. That means the most we can go down is $300 from $2500. But we are shooting for the full price.
  4. What problems could arise? The competition might have a lower price. The gym owner may think his members will not like the new treadmills. He may not want to upgrade to a newer treadmills because he is comfortable with what he has. 
  5. How will I deal with each problem? If possible, how can I turn it into a benefit for the other person? I will explain to the gym owner, he should put his members first and not consider a “lower price” the best option. I’ll also mention that he can’t please everybody, but once people start getting results from the FTX Fitness Treadmill the “greatness” of it will spread by word of mouth. As far as the gym owner not wanting to upgrade. I will handle it as follows. If you upgrade to the FTX Fitness Treadmills, not only will your members thank you but they will love you. The results they will get will blow their minds and force them to bring in new people just to try out your new treadmills. As you see, I planned how I would explain to the gym owner why he should upgrade and what will happen if he does.
  6. How will I bring the session to a close? I will remind the owner that we have a 60 Day money back guarantee. There are no strings attached and if he wants a refund, the company will do so with no questions asked. I will also point out a few more benefits and positive scenarios to put the gym owner at ease. Then at the very end I will ask the gym owner if he is ready to go forward with the ordering process. 

What I just did was answer the 6 questions that will help me visualize and prepare myself to know what I want from the meeting. I know what I will accept. I know my main goal. I understand what he may not like and the negatives that could pop up. I also know how to close the meeting with a bang! I understand all of that from simple answering those 6 questions.

Ok. Let’s recap:

  • Outcome-Based Thinking is determining how a situation will go before it takes place
  • determine what you want form the situation
  • write out the 6 questions with answers of how the process might go

You see, using outcome-based thinking is an awesome way to be prepared for  any meeting, vacation, or any conversation. Remember what you are doing is thinking ahead of time how things will go. Most likely the person you are talking to will not be using this technique, which gives you the upper hand. It will take a few times to get to the point where you can do this without writing it out. Following this method and you will be prepared to close more sales and make more money.

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