How to Repair a Damaged Personal Brand with Confidence and Authority

Get this through your head right now! You are human and you make mistakes. What makes you righteous and powerful is when you
rise from your set back and go at your failed mission again.

There is nothing more crucial than making a mistake that hurts your personal brand.

How do you suppose to handle a situation as such?

How do you bounce back?

Have you noticed when a type of shoe or clothing disappears from the market, it sometime return as the product in demand by the consumers?

Repairing your personal brand is important because you have to send out the message to your followers that you are still alive and well.

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s better to know something and not need it, than to need it and not have it?” Well, that saying applies to repairing your brand also.

“It is better to know how to repair your brand and not need it, than to need to repair your brand and not know how.”

Are you ready to learn how to repair your personal brand?

Keep reading!

Take It Easy on Yourself

It’s really easy to take it hard on yourself when your brand has caved in.

It’s not uncommon that you may come down hard on yourself. Do not condemn yourself because this will hinder your quickness to rebuild. Take the situation as a lesson learned. Now you know what not to do next time, right?

If your brand is beginning to sink or has already hit the bottom, think before you make your next move. Plan out your comeback and hit the scene with confidence!

Take Responsibility

“Hey, I messed up!” Confession is powerful! Pointing fingers or blaming other elements will not repair your personal brand, confession will.

How will this repair your brand?

What do you think your audience will think when you admit to them that you take full responsibility for your mishaps?

Right, they will be impressed and look at you as a leader who is worthy of being followed.

This one action alone can work wonders in repairing your personal brand.

Try it!

Give Your Audience a Valuable Gift

Have you had to makeup with someone before?

What did you do to show that person you are sorry?

You went and purchased a gift of some sort, right?

Saying, “I’m sorry” really does not come off as genuine as it used too. This is definitely true if you are a man apologizing to your woman. They just don’t want to hear “Sorry Babe”!

Am I right fellas?

So, after you have avoided condemning yourself and have admitted to your audience that you are responsible, it’s time to show that you are sorry.

Now, when you are making up with your audience you have to go way beyond the definition of “giving great value”!

This means if you have to offer your subscribers and follower a free course with all the bells and whistles, by all means do it.

What does this do?

It perfectly illustrates that you know you stuff and that you are worthy of continuing to be followed. Most importantly, it says that you are sincere and your brand is solid.

Keep an Eye Open and an Ear Out for What People Are Saying

This is where you must track what people are saying and what they are thinking about your brand afterwards.

How can you do this?

You can send out a poll or survey to your list or social media platforms. You could create a video explaining everything that took place.

Afterwards ask for a response from your audience. You could go as far as setting up a Google alert with the keywords of your personal brand.

Continue to Grind

If your brand takes a hit, do not let it be the end. Continue to put out valuable content. Continue to show up everywhere. Your personal brand will not be destroyed until you quit!

Overall, do not beat yourself up. Own up to the situation. Make up for your mistake in a reasonable time frame. If you wait too long that will send off the impression that you are unapologetic or that you have brushed the situation to the side. Monitor what your followers and audience are saying. Lastly continue busting out content and engaging with your loyal subscribers.

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